UnTrue Stories

UnTrue Stories. We publish fiction, especially magical realism. And we tell true stories (nonfiction) about untruths: lies, deception, an unintended change of heart.

We are happy to present a brand new novel: GRAVITY, by Giuseppe Carbone.

Just about everyone was clinging stubbornly to their combustion engines well into the 21st century, until the $20 gallon of gas broke their self-interested behavior overnight. Will it take another direct hit to the pocketbook to appeal to their sensibilities in the 22nd?

UnTrue Stories
Chapter 6
This magically realistic narrative starts in 2080, when a curious deficit in gravitational forces sets the stage for Olympian-level performances by amateur athletes in Greenland.
Chapter 9
But why is gravity seemingly so tenuous way up north? And what about its reciprocal increase way down south at the bottom of the world, in Tierra del Fuego, where it has become impossible to get out of bed in the morning?
Chapter 15
And why does no one in the vast unaffected midsection of the globe care, not one little bit?

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FACTGRAPHS creates high quality embeddable data visualizations for independent media, bloggers, researchers, educators and nonprofits. The verifiable truth.
Some of the FACTGRAPHS are put into action here, in data-reflective commentary.
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What we do

UnTrue Stories is a new publishing house in Mountain View CA. We're pretty retro, which is an indirect way of saying that we take the EDITING process seriously.


We are on the lookout for quality writing, for diamonds in the rough. If you are interested, or if you have a tip for us, please drop us a line.


Even needed a good editor. To be honest, one of the two reasons for UnTrue Stories coming into existence is the scarcity of active editing. It's the funnest part of the process, and arguably the (second) most important.


We will format your book for the Amazon store, and for the rest of the e-world as well.

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Would you like to see your book in print? To hold it in your hands, maybe give a hard copy to your closest relatives? Oh, and sell a few as well? We've got you covered.

Serialized fiction

This can be good exposure for you on Medium. And as Untrue Stories serial fiction gets more popular, you get more popular. It's a feedback loop. Get in the loop.


UnTrue Stories works closely with FACTGRAPHS.ORG and LEFT2RIGHT.ORG, other ways for the truth to emerge.